Agile Publishing book kickstarted

Last week our Agile Publishing book projected was successfully kickstarted. Thank you everybody, who supported us; we appreciated it very much.

Tuesday we had our first meeting to start writing the book. As often in projects with geographically spread teams, we also talked about tools for collaborating on this book.

For collaboration on the Kickstarter project we used Evernote, which worked really well for notes taking and keeping track. For writing a book, Evernote lacks a few features that we really need. One is syncing or locking. So already the first day we ran into several conflicting changes, so that we had to think about a different tool.

Google Docs it is now. Works really well even with simultaneous edits and tracks changes. We had used that in previous projects and so far had good experience, the only thing lacking is workflow (status, routing etc.). Though with a team size of three writers we should be able to cope using file name conventions and Instant Messengers.

It is interesting, we already are talking about topics that we will cover in the book. It will be not the main section, as that’s more about the bigger picture and agile processes, still, we didn’t want to use traditional processes or tools and this way eat our own dogfood. More about that later and in the tools chapters in the book.

Besides organizational and topic discussions we also decided to keep you updated on a regular basis on where the book stands, what we do and where we maybe struggle.

Furthermore we are looking for your feedback, so if you have interesting topics that you think we should cover (and have not already listed in our topic list) or just have interesting links, please let us know.
Despite the .de domain, we’ll be mostly blogging in English here.

Thanks again for your support and Season’s Greetings
Detlev, Georg & Matthias

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